Matt Colley

pro Member - BRISTOL : CENTRAL

Moving Experience

Moving Experience offers objective, clear, and coherent mortgage advice and personal / family protection solutions tailored to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

A bit about me...

We work with a range of clients from First Time Buyers, who may be intimated by the house buying process,through to Professional Property Investors that require assistance with efficiently managing / leveraging / building a portfolio. The variety of work that we do is what keeps things interesting :-)

Whilst we can work with anyone, I find that clients aged 25-45 receive / appreciate the benefits of our service the most. They are often encountering new situations such as:
First purchase .. First remortgage .. Simultaneous sale & property purchase .. Buying with a partner.. Purchasing / retaining a property for investment .. Insurance cover for personal & family protection.

In addition to providing technical expertise and experience, we support clients through these events by giving guidance about the process, as well as the products.