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Andrea Barker Confidence Coach

I help people of all ages and backgrounds, improve and develop their Self-Confidence, alieviate Anxiety and Stress, to feel better about themselves.

A bit about me...

Why Confidence Coach? Is a question I get asked a lot.

I believe that Confidence underpins everything that we do, and when we feel Confident on the inside, it shows on the outside. When we are happier about ourselves and our abilities, we perform so much better, giving ourselves the chance to reach our full potential. Self-Confidence also helps us with the choices we make, in standing up for ourselves, and in forming healthier relationships.

I spent many years as a Registered Nurse, then moved into the Pharmaceutical Sales Industry in the area of Psychiatry.  I then spent nearly 6 years working with the long term unemployed, termed as the 'the hardest to help'! Each area I have worked in has been people focused, where I developed much valuable insight into how we can feel better about who we are, and function more positively, to literally turn our lives around, by working from the inside out. The power of our mind is astounding.

Having gone through adversity myself, I know this to be true, and my personal experiences have fuelled my passion to help others.

I work in a client centred, solution focused way. This means whilst a client is gently challenged, each session is led by what they feel happiest with, and most committed to actioning. It is about empowering them to seek their own solutions, to facilitate letting go of the past and moving forward, whilst also injecting some fun.

Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP are incredible tools, as are the many coaching methods I use. As a qualified Trainer, I run workshops and give talks, on Confidence, Motivation and Presenting Skills, which are great fun. I also help with confidence at interview, and all aspects of employability. I am currently writing a book to help people develop their Confidence.

I Mentor two lovely young people at a local school, and I volunteer with another organisation to help young people with Mock interviews skills and getting ready for the workplace.

The most amazing part of what I do, is seeing people transform, it really is the best feeling.

I am Mum to a wonderful son, who is currently serving in the RAF. I am also Mum to a lovely, now very elderly, cat. My main passions are Travel; I have been to many places across the world, soaking up different cultures and traditions, and seeing the most beautiful places. I love Art, Literature, Music and great Food, and just being at home with family and friends.


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