Marita Price

pro Member - THE CHEW VALLEY

Hello Performance

We provide coaching to leaders (with or without titles!) to allow them flourish as leaders of their own career and life.

A bit about me...

I believe everyone has enormous potential. I believe that our biggest blockers are our own thoughts, beliefs and assumptions and coaching is a super effective method to get us to move beyond those so we can get to a point where we are leaders of our professional and personal life.  I am a trained executive coach who would encourage you to challenge yourself, to be brave and jump on a growth journey with me. To give you a little bit about me....I am Irish and lived abroad for many years including 7 years in wonderful Scandinavia working in Leadership teams across large FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Coorporations. I moved to South of Bristol 2 years ago with my husband and 3 young kids. We love to spent time in the outdoor (which consisted in jumping in many muddly puddles for the last few years!!) and love to run, hike, bike or whatever keeps us feeling fit to keep up with the ever increasing speed of the kids!!