Thea Gillingham

online Member - BRISTOL

Travel Counsellors

Take the stress and hassle out of booking your dream holidays and consider the use of myself, your personal Travel Counsellor.

A bit about me...

My name is Thea, originally from London, I moved to the South-West for university and decided to call this place home. I’ve since lived in Bristol city centre but will soon been moving to the leafy suburb of Keynsham with my Fiancé.

After graduating as a Neuroscientist, I decided that life in a laboratory simply wasn’t for me and decided to fuel my other passion in life – travel. As a graduate I retrained in travel and tourism and haven’t looked back since. My role as a Travel Counsellor, as cheesy as it sounds, allows me to make dreams come true. From that iconic honeymoon to first family holiday, my job is to create incredible memories that will be remembered for years to come. This joy this gives me simply cannot be replaced by any other job.

Being your Travel Counsellor means I am my own boss. I can work my own hours, do any special touches I desire and overall go above and beyond for my clients. This flexibility means I am there whenever you need me to be. Can’t speak until after work? Not a problem – I am not restricted to certain hours. Want to meet up in person? Perfect – lets meet in a coffee shop, house etc. My aim is to ensure that your experience is as personalised and perfect from the start of your enquiry all the way through to your return home.

I often get asked what’s your favourite place in the world? The answer is everywhere! My personal experience is vast and everywhere in the world offers a unique experience in their own way. Most recently I’ve found myself exploring the depths of India, on safari in Africa, touring in Europe and sunbathing in the Caribbean. Chances are what you are planning I’ve either done it myself or are planning it in the near future.

Whatever you are looking to do don’t hesitate to get in contact no matter how big or small. I look forward to helping you plan your dream trip soon!


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