Claire Walmsley-Moss

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CWM Marketing

Freelance marketing manager

A bit about me...

I am a freelance marketing manager working with businesses that care about the impact they have locally and globally, both in terms of their local community and the wider natural world.

Marketing is so much more than social media! I’m a full-mix marketing manager addressing the business offering across all 7Ps of the marketing mix, with a proven track record of effective marketing planning and implementation, helping businesses to be authentic and reach their target in the best way for that target, which may not necessarily be following the current marketing trends.

My career in marketing has spanned 20 years, working as a freelance for nine years, with some fascinating clients primarily B2B and professional services, across a variety of industries and sectors. Recently, I have worked with a Stroud based company that makes artificial snow for films and TV, and a team of aviation engineering inventors at Gloucester Airport developing an electric racing plane. I am currently working with a Bristol based commercial construction company who, really are, doing things differently!