Beating the Business Burnout

by Yasmin McGlashan on 9th Nov 2022

It's easy to feel that as a business owner you need to be able to function on just 3 hours sleep and quite a lot of caffeine. When the to-do list seems never ending, emails are stacking up and you’re sick of seeing your phone light up with another notification, how do you step back and recharge?

Setting boundaries
This is undoubtedly one of the things that business owners are worst at. Whether it's powering down the laptop at a certain time, putting your phone in the drawer at mealtimes or blocking out time in the diary that is completely work free, it can seem extremely intimidating at first. However, these small acts of setting a boundary (that is work time, this is me time) are absolutely vital to making sure that you don’t just become burnt out and busy without being productive. It’s easy to become fatigued when you get no down time from something, so schedule it in. Your business will benefit, your social life will benefit and your family will benefit too!

Not every task is created equal, and not everything needs to be done by you. Focusing on the tasks that only you can do and working out whether you can delegate to someone else can hugely help the feeling of overwhelm created by the endless amount of admin that seems to come with being self-employed. At Pink Spaghetti WsM we thrive on helping overwhelmed business owners slash their to do list so that they can focus on what they wanted to do in the first place – so rather than letting it get to a point where you’re losing the love for your business, get ahead of yourself and start delegating early to avoid being overwhelmed at a later date. 

While it might be quite entertaining for those around you to see how you perform fuelled almost entirely by energy drinks, it’s unlikely to result in the most productive version of you. Getting a good night's sleep is vital to help your brain and body recharge as well as keeping your immune system tip top. If you think being productive when you’re tired is hard, it’s a lot harder when you’re unwell on top of that! While working late into the night might seem like a good idea, getting an early night and waking up refreshed is a much healthier alternative. 

If you are struggling with burnout, and want to chat about managing this better, please do get in touch and email Yasmin. 



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