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"We are pleased to be able to help support this amazing charity and would like to enourage all our members in WMB to get involved and help spread the word on the incredible work that they do.  Here's a few words from Penny Brohn UK explaining what they do and how you can help"
Philippa Constable, Founder of WMB


Cancer changes everything – for the person diagnosed and for those who know and love them.  At Penny Brohn UK, we understand that living well with cancer needs more than medicine.  Passionate about helping people do more than just survive, we empower people to rediscover the joy of living, regardless of how long they have left.

We provide a comprehensive programme of support which enables people to better manage the emotional, psychological, physical and social impact of cancer on their lives, we call this our Bristol Whole Life Approach 

Our Bristol Whole Life Approach helps people develop the confidence, knowledge, and tools to better manage the impact of cancer on their lives.  Our goal is to provide long term benefits to health and wellbeing.  Each persons’ experience of cancer is unique, and we have over 38 years of experience in delivering personalised, holistic support from diagnosis, throughout treatment, and beyond.       

We are delighted to be the charity of the year for WMB, and there are many ways you can get involved. 

Use your voice: Networking is your business, and talking about Penny Brohn to colleagues, friends and family helps raise awareness and understanding of what we do. 

Make a donation or get involved: Make a donation, take part in a fundraising event, volunteer your time or expertise or even put on your own event in aid of Penny Brohn.  Every contribution you make, big or small, makes a real difference and means that more people will live well with cancer.  Someone like Jo 

And what’s more you’re joining an amazing bunch of people who are passionate about helping others to live as well as they can with cancer. 

And just like family, we’ll look after you too. We’ll do everything we can to help you succeed because we simply couldn’t do what we do without your support.

Thank you for doing your bit to make a difference



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