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Good advice from an expert in their field can really help you develop your business, and networking is a fantastic way to meet people who have the skills and knowledge to give you that help. And for those who need longer-term or in-depth advice, members also have access to our carefully selected team of trusted We Mean Biz business experts. The panel is here to give you valuable advice and support without the need to pay for an adviser or coach.

Got a question? It's simple, just follow these steps:

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  3. Give a brief description of your business and the issue you need help with. You can expect a reply within 24 hours.
Please note

As an expert in your own area of business, you will of course still have opportunity to promote your expertise and develop relationships within We Mean Biz, the panel is not meant to replace our member-to-member one-to-ones - it's there as a service for members to call upon when there is nobody in their immediate We Mean Biz group who can answer their questions.

Tamsen Garrie

Alpha Associates - Expert Business Coach


Tamsen Garrie owns and runs Alpha Associates Ltd based in Bristol.  Nicknamed by her clients ‘Tam With A Plan’, she is best known for the significant transformation she makes with businesses through her unique approach to business growth, where she combines practical business strategy with a deep understanding of how the mind works to effect extraordinary business results.  

Tamsen has worked with hundreds of businesses, trained dozens of leaders and developed numerous teams and this has resulted in a thorough understanding of the many challenges that are familiar to business owners and managers.  This coupled with her engaging communication style and her ability to work with all types of people makes her uniquely placed to work with businesses to develop the vision, the mind-set, the culture and the strategy to create significant business success. 

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Philippa Constable

We Mean Biz - Expert in Networking


Before starting WMB in 2008, Philippa also ran another business successfully for 5 years and spent over 20 years working mainly in new business development and marketing in both the UK and New Zealand. This has given her a breadth of knowledge and experience that makes her well placed to advise business people who are new to networkingand those wanting to improve results. Philippa has a great empathy especially with start-ups and those who are scared about the whole networking thing, and she's totally committed to supporting & helping members to achieve their goals and vision.

Philippa still remembers what it felt like to turn up for your very first networking event, and prides herself on teaching people the skills they need to network successfully. Having managed to grow a small business from nothing - Philippa knows how powerful networking is as a new business tool, in fact, she says that 80% of her own new business was generated from networking. Passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners, she's always available for help, advice or just a chat. 

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Alexandra McArthur

Work With - Marketing & PR Expert


Alex set up her own business after over 13 years' experience in PR agencies in London and Cardiff working with a number of well-known brands including Smith, Homebase, The Carphone Warehouse and John Lewis as well as small and growing businesses and professional services. She is passionate about the real return PR can provide.

As part of our Experts Panel Alex can advise on areas ranging from; reputation and issues or crisis management, how to sell-in a story, media coaching, media contacts, copywriting, promotional plans and overall positioning of your business or brand. 

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Victoria Chidgey

Atoll Hr - Expert in HR


With over 25 years' experience of Human Resources experience, Victoria is well equipped to provide advice to our members on all people and employment matters.  

Atoll HR is an independent HR Consultancy specialising in helping small and growing businesses take the stress away from managing their people issues.  From onboarding and induction, to managing performance and the more complex people issues such as absence and disciplinaries, Victoria ensures you get the best out of your people leaving them motivated and engaged to do their best.  By providing a bespoke, pragmatic and uniquely personal service Victoria and her team work with your business to provide expert advice and ongoing support but without the costs attached.

If you are thinking of growing your business by recruiting your first employee or expanding your team, you’ll want to be thinking about developing policies and processes to manage your people.  Victoria can assist you with employment contracts, employee handbook, policies and take away the stress that managing people often brings. 

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Esther James

Social Media Expert


As part of our Experts Panel Esther can advise on a range of areas including; social media planning and strategy, Facebook advertising, reputation management, scheduling tools and how-to questions. 

Before founding Socialable Esther held a variety of communication roles in a large public sector organisation.  It was here Esther honed her ability to take complex project documents and research reports, distill the key points and then make them accessible and understandable to a non-technical audience. This skill is particularly useful when promoting professional service on social media.  Esther studied in Bristol and has a BA (Hons) in Business Studies.

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Gildas Jones

Dial a Geek - IT Expert


Dial a Geek was set up in 2006 with a mission to provide quality technical support to those people who are either working at home or in offices. Since then they've helped loads of great companies to focus on what’s most important - their business - by giving them first class, friendly and approachable IT support whenever it’s needed.

Experts at apprehending technical glitches and computer problems before they get the chance to affect productivity or performance, and explaining what’s wrong with your system without resorting to the usual geek jargon, is what they are great at!  With over 30 years of combined experience supporting businesses of every size, Dial a Geek provide exactly what any respectable in-house IT department would. 

As part of our Experts Panel, Gildas and his team can advise you on all aspects of your IT - from emergencies to planning for the future. 

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Joanne Turner

Wards Solicitors - Legal Expert


As an experienced solicitor, Joanne deals with all corporate and company commercial matters within her firm. This includes dealing with new business start ups, providing the various types of commercial contracts that businesses need and conducting business sale and purchase transactions.

As a member of our Experts Panel, Jo can provide specialist commercial legal advice in plain, jargon-free. Jo is supported by a very good team of property and disputes solicitors, so if you need advice outside her expertise, she can put you in touch with people who are experts in their fields. 

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Greg Cooper

LinkedIn Specialist


Greg Cooper is an internationally recognised LinkedIn Trainer and an award-winning marketer. He works with small and medium sized B2B businesses to help them use LinkedIn and other social media to find, win and keep customers.

For 20+ years Greg ran a tech marketing agency working for major technology companies like Microsoft, IBM, and SAP. He sold that business in 2011. Today his customers are much more varied from the Chamber of Commerce and an ethical Bank, to a laboratory equipment business and a conveyor belt rental company.

As part of our Experts Panel Greg can advise you on all aspects of how to use LinkedIn to promote your business, from creating a compelling profile to how, what, where and when to post, and how to find and engage your target audience.

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Sue Paulley

Paulley's Accountancy Ltd - Experts in Tax and Accounting


As a Chartered Certified Accountant with 20 years' experience in her own practice , Sue is a mine of information and a fantastic addition to our Experts Panel. With UK and American tax qualifications, Sue started out with HMRC and has since worked for Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse.  Husband and business partner, Nick, is a tax specialist with experience in some of the biggest accountancy practices in the world. He now works with owner- managed businesses of all sizes helping them through the tax maze, believing passionately that no-one should pay more tax than they are legally obliged to pay.

Between them, Sue and Nick can provide specific tax advice and down to earth business advice and support. Having run their own business for 20 years they have experience of most things to do with starting and running a small business, from questions about employees, to tax planning and tax savings, from cash flows and business plans for the start-up small business to regular management meetings for the larger business client.

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