Terms of membership

You are entitled to attend as a visitor to help you decide whether you'd like to join us.

Meeting fees are payable in advance on the 1st of each month by direct debit and there is no refund for non-attendance.

Membership is for a minimum 12 month period and is payable in full.

We expect that you will want to attend every monthly meeting, but if for any reason you can’t, you can send a substitute in your place. They will be able to talk about your business on your behalf and promote their own business too. 

All members are expected to promote and offer only services or products that meet appropriate professional standards.

Members are expected to network with respect and we discourage spamming and aggressive selling. 

An important part of your membership is a commitment to meet other members for regular 1-2-1 meetings. This helps you to build relationships based on trust and an understanding of each other’s businesses. 

We expect that members will collaborate with each other whenever possible and not see each other’s businesses as competition. However, in some categories conflict of interest is inevitable, and in these cases membership may be restricted.

In the unlikely event of a conflict or complaint, please contact your Group Leader who will make every effort to resolve the problem. 

If you decide to terminate your membership, or in the unlikely event that We Mean Biz has to terminate your membership, the annual fee is not refundable. You can, of course, cancel your direct debit for the monthly meeting fees. 

In some circumstances you may be able to suspend your membership for up to six months, so if you find you are temporarily unable to continue for any reason, please discuss this with your Group Leader. 

We Mean Biz cannot be held responsible for any conflict, disagreements or personal issues between members or visitors at any of our meetings. 

We reserve the right to suspend or withdraw membership if the above terms and conditions are not followed. 

As soon as you make payment, you deem to accept these terms and conditions and your membership will become valid. 


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