Happy Christmas!

by Yasmin McGlashan on 22nd Dec 2022

Christmas is a funny time of year - some industries shut down completely and you don’t hear from them for a full month, whereas others barely acknowledge that Christmas Day is even happening!


Many of our clients will be closing for a period of time over Christmas, but we do have some clients in industries that simply won’t be able to close down - so we’ll be making sure we’ve planned some time in to ensure that they are fully supported the Pink Spaghetti way! We are very aware that many of our clients rely on us heavily, and so shutting down entirely isn’t an option but equally it’s important to be mindful of needing to take a break and avoid burning out. 


We’ve been beavering away behind the scenes helping our clients get Christmas ready. If they’re taking a week or two off then we’ve been getting social media organised, either to make sure their clients know when they’ll be unavailable or to keep a consistent presence. 


If they’re not taking the time off then we’ve been making sure we know exactly what they’ll need and when so that we can plan accordingly. The huge benefit of the team growing this year is that we can offer a continuous service to our clients while making sure that everyone has plenty of time off to recharge. 


To everyone who has supported us this year - a huge thank you. As a small business we massively appreciate every recommendation, every client and every last ‘like’ on our social media. 


Here’s to making 2023 amazing!


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