The A - Z of Networking; Collaboration

by Philippa Constable on 11th Jul 2017
Business networking helps many business owners and entrepreneurs build long term relationships, and one of the most exciting elements is what this can lead to. For me, the art of good networking is all about collaboration. I'm a great believer that we are stronger, working together. One of the best examples of collaboration in our WMB network is how our 'Power' groups work, the teamwork, relationship, and co-operation that comes about as a result of people coming together who work in the same business sector.

Imagine this. A room full of business service providers, mainly virtual assistants, coming together to understand exactly what they each offer and their ˜uniqueness".  For some people, they may feel that this is counter-productive, spending time with what may be perceived as your competition. However, with an open mind and willingness to share how they can and cannot help clients, therefore finding gaps that other members of the group might fill, and through this open up the opportunity for referrals.  Our power groups are thriving with more referrals and recommendations for each other, working and supporting each other. It's brilliant to see, and networking at its best.

So, why do so many networking organisations 'lock out' the competition? This creates a scarcity mindset, fears that there isn't enough work to go around, and stunts the opportunities for collaboration. Crazy if you ask me.

Collaboration, having an open mind, looking to build relationships, alliances, partnerships, is the way forward.  


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