The A-Z of networking; Be yourself

by on 1st Jun 2017

“Networking works best when we engage with each other on a personal level, getting to know each other as people” – Philippa Constable

Most people have two different personalities; who they are at work, and who they are outside of work. Commonly the ‘work’ personality is very professional and sales orientated, but in a networking meeting, you need to show the real you, or a professional version of the real you. 

Networking can be enjoyable as well as helping your business.  The best way to make connections and develop your business is to build relationships with people. Be friendly and real, get to know the people you network with on a more personal basis and you might find that there are things you could help each other with that you had never thought of. 

Not only that, but people are more likely to refer you to people, or refer people to you if they know the ‘real’ you! That level of personal interaction allows for trust to build, and everyone wants to trust the people that they are referring to, otherwise they are unlikely to refer for fear of being let down and damaging their reputation. 

On a more personal level, being yourself during a networking meeting can help you feel so much more comfortable! You don’t have to try to be somebody else which can be exhausting. We always encourage you to leave your suits at the door – we want to know the ‘real’ people behind the businesses. 



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