This is a First!

by Michaela Crumpton on 30th May 2020

So, hello, mmmm a blog, ok being a tech dinosaur and the wrong side of 50 what have I to loose ! If it goes wrong I've got the Menopause to blame!! 🤣🙃

So if you don’t already know I am Principal at Razzamataz theatre school, currently our Bristol South school but soon to be taking on Bristol North (then world domination!😉). We provide lessons for children ages 3 1/2 to 18 years old in Singing, Dance and Drama, building confidence and honing skills that can be used not just on the stage but later in life, they say the world is a stage and holding on to that expression we are preparing our young people to be part of that world stage.

As you can imagine lock down means no classes. No performance. No fun. No letting off steam. Like many businesses income stopped, like a horse refusing a fence at Badminton and threw us right off balance. And some of us spent time getting wet at the water jump! But once you start to dry off, you get a sense of perspective from the stillness around you. I suppose it's like grief, you are in a way grieving for your business, loss of income, loss of staff, or in my case the 105 students we built our school to. But you are then faced with "ONLINE" !! What is online? Who does online ? Can you teach online? Will kids be interested? What on earth is Zoom? Well 5 weeks in to online and its working, ok we don't have all our kids online, but we are keeping the machine turning, keeping the content for social media, keeping our heads just above water and keeping the Marketing up to date.

It's not without its stress and humour. My poor Dance teacher moved out of her home and back with her mum to find that space was limited, so took to teaching from the garden, her Wi-Fi has been tricky which is one thing but the other week a missile from the kids next door just missed her head in the middle of a routine. My Drama Teacher had tech issues too, but the best one yet was with me as host .. dance class well under way I thought it was a great opportunity to pop to the loo! .. I could hear the music playing from the next room over Zoom and then silence! Running back into the room with wet hands and a towel I find my dance teacher has lost all connection and the kids are in the middle of messaging each other that they think the Wi-Fi has crashed.. good job I remembered to dress myself!!

So we are into starting our second block of lessons and are looking forward to welcoming more students current and new to our Zoom classes. But for me it's the messages of thanks that make it worthwhile, "Thanks for giving her some normality" "She hasn't smiled like this for weeks" "It's great to hear him singing around the house again" and "Thank you for giving me an hour of me time while she is Razzing". Here's to another lot of classes and to hopefully getting back to face to face teaching sometime soon.

If you did actually read this then I hope you enjoyed the crazy that is my life . And if so thanks x


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