Transparent and open or restricted and closed – which would you prefer?

by Andrew Cope on 29th Aug 2023

It's a pretty obvious choice I would say.

Did you know these two scenarios also apply to software?

Software comes in two major flavours: proprietary and open-source. Proprietary software, the digital stronghold, locks access. Users buy licenses, kept in the dark about the underlying code.

Consider Microsoft's Windows and Adobe Photoshop, safeguarding their source code like KFC's secret recipe.

On the flip side, open-source software is an open book. It shares software and exposes its core – the source code – for all to view, tweak, and enhance. Just as a celebrity chef would do by revealing their perfect recipes.

From WordPress to Android, open-source fuels today's digital backbone.

At Evergreen, we craft software using open-source tools. You may have even heard of PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Linux, and Apache?

For businesses, individuals, and developers, embracing open-source isn't just a choice – it's a stride toward a transparent, collaborative, and innovative digital future.


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