What growth stage is your business going through?

by Andrew Cope on 14th Dec 2023

At Evergreen we're fully aware that each business has different software needs depending on where it's at.

➡ Start up

Often operating on limited resources, software is a strategic partner where cloud-based solutions emerge as the heroes.

➡ Growth

A start-up can manage with disparate systems for sales, marketing and operations etc, but integrating these systems into a central data base becomes crucial if a business is to grow.

➡ Mature

A business in this phase will have accrued a vast reservoir of data. Custom software solutions equipped with robust analytics capabilities becomes instrumental in driving a business forward.

➡ Expansion

When diversifying, a tailored customer software solution can ease the transition and become the operational backbone of a business, making it simpler to adapt to new market dynamics, customer behaviours or product intricacies.

➡ Pivoting

At the heart of any successful pivot in business direction lies agility. Agile custom software solutions become the bridge that carries a business safely from one strategy to another.

➡ Staying ahead

To remain competitive your business and it's software must be in a perpetual state of evolution. It's not going to "fit like a glove" if the hand is growing!

Let me know where you're up to and whether we can help you along on this business journey.


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