What's the difference between a Mobile app and a Web app?

by Andrew Cope on 23rd Aug 2023

A mobile app is a software application designed to run on smartphones and other mobile devices. They need to be downloaded and installed on a device for users to access their functionality.

The key difference is that a Mobile app can be used offline, and only needs the internet occasionally.

A web app is a software application that runs in a web browser without needing to be downloaded or installed on a device.

A web app is accessed via an always-on internet connection.

So, what should your business use?

It depends on what your business wants to achieve, who your customers are and what you need the app to do.

When your goal is to offer an immersive and tailored experience to your users, a mobile app takes the spotlight.

If reaching a diverse and wide-ranging audience is a priority, web apps emerge as the frontrunners.

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