Why A Virtual Assistant?

by Yasmin McGlashan on 16th Aug 2022

Why a VA?

Most business owners have felt that sinking feeling when there’s just SO much to do. And only you to do it. And at least 4 things that absolutely have to be done by 5pm this afternoon, but you also need to get set up for that meeting tomorrow and this all sounds like another late night and 4 hours of sleep.

Burnout is REAL. This is where a VA is perfectly placed to get you back to a place where you love your business again instead of feeling like it's drowning you. Virtual Assistants are pillars of efficiency whose whole purpose is to whizz through your to-do list while you work on the parts of your business that made you fall in love with it to start with. 

What IS a Virtual Assistant?

A VA can be a brilliant solution when you’re not completely sure that the demands of the business require a second full time employee. We already have the skills to just get on with the job and we’ll often be able to suggest things that will make your processes more efficient or effective. It's part of our job to stay up to date on technology meaning you don’t have to worry about getting to grips with it before it goes out of date again. With a Pink Spaghetti VA you simply pay for the time we spend on a task, and in addition to that you won’t have to spend time training us.

I can probably just figure out how to do it myself

 Virtual Assistants will be familiar and adept at many different types of tasks, meaning the requirement for having a different person for each task is eliminated. It’s rare something comes up that we can’t handle, or don’t have a contact that can handle it. We either know how to do the task or who to ask, you aren’t left floundering around wondering whether you need a bookkeeper, an accountant or a totally different third option that you didn’t know existed. As part of a bigger franchise network, we have a whole range of experts to reach out to, so even if we can’t sort it then we absolutely know someone who can. 

No more trying to bumble your way through learning how to post to social media or making a haphazard attempt at bookkeeping. No more ‘that’s not really my job…’ from a reluctant employee who once made the mistake of mentioning they had a vague idea of how that system works.

As a business ourselves, we have our own place of work which means you aren’t trying to work out how to afford a bigger office or quite where we’re going to sit. We can support you (and your team if you have one) without another set of cables and feet to trip over. Your only expense in hiring us is the cost of hiring us. 

An outsider will never care as much about our reputation as I do

Like you, our reputation means everything to us so there’s never any risk of a ‘that’ll do’ attitude. This means that we will care about your business almost as much as you do, we’ll get up to date fast on the core values of you and your brand to ensure that we’re abiding by your ethos as much as possible. 

You retain complete control with a VA – we’ll spend time with you to figure out the best way to work together and you get final say over any content going out under your name. We’ll never put out anything without you giving it the go ahead. 

Our entire job is to give you back your time, taking the drudgery of those admin tasks away to allow you to work on your business rather than in it.


If you think we could be a good fit to help relieve you of some of those tasks that no one (except us) really wants to do - book a call to find out more about what we offer!




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