Why take on more people, when you can be more efficient instead?

by Andrew Cope on 18th Oct 2023

Halls Reactive Maintenance identified the need to hire an additional administrator to support their growing operations. However, as tempting as it is to just take on more people, they thought investing in software would be a much better investment.

Working closely with the client, we created a tailor-made custom CRM system. The versatility and adaptability of the CRM meant it could be moulded to suit Halls Reactive's unique processes and methods of conducting business.

The benefits to the client were numerous:

◘ Cost Saving: No extra salary and they own the system without recurring monthly costs.

◘ Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlined processes, faster responses and happier clients.

◘ Customisation and Flexibility: The client shaped the system to their unique processes.

Darren Hall, Accounts Director, said "the new system is making our staff so much more efficient and the information is right at their fingertips now. With all the cost savings as well we just haven't looked back since we decided to get software to fit our exact needs."

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