Without Vision, the People Shall Perish

by on 7th May 2019



It’s the way we live our lives. We need to ‘see’ where we are going in our minds. I’m talking about inner vision. Our destiny is how we fashion it.


We need to have a vision of where we want to be, where we are moving towards.


 Now here is a challenge for some. It needs to be written. We need to express that vision on paper. Type it later if you wish, find pictures that emphasis that vision, create a ‘Vision Board’ but it all starts with writing.




Writing unleashes more creativity in the brain than typing. As we write, the fuzzy pictures in our mind are given more clarity. We become clearer on what we really want, explaining our vision to ourselves more comprehensively. For me, even with my awful typing, writing is slower than typing, so it makes us concentrate more on the process.


When you do write out your vision of where you want to be, it must excite you. It must make you feel that you want to be there, that it is worth working toward.


Explain your vision for your life as if you were writing a letter (remember those?) to your best friend.


So how about you? Do you have a vision?


Does it excite you? Is it something that your really want, that meets all your values?


I hope it does because I have worked with too many people who were just drifting through life because their vision, if they even had one, was not clear.


Yours needs to be because, as a very enlightened individual said long ago, without vision, the people shall perish.


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