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Cash is KING! - book online

Wed 29th Jul,2020

Philippa Constable

01934 835396

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10am - 11am

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Getting to grips with controlling your cash

We’ve all heard people say Cash is King but frequently what we do shows we don’t believe it. But it’s true!

In this short webinar, you will learn

  • Why controlling the cash is the vital part of managing our business
  • What’s the real difference between cash and profit?
  • The secrets of controlling the timings of receipts and payments
  • How to use your cash flow to predict the future
  • An easy way of creating your 6-month cash flow budget

About Philip Avery

Philip Avery was a former commercial lawyer but over the past 22 years has been helping organisations develop their managerial skills to make certain they remain competitive. One of the weakest areas for most businesses is understanding how the money works and his training focuses on Business Finance before looking at the rest of the business. He finds it fun, which probably says more about him than anything else,  but so do the business owner/managers who’ve been on the courses.