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How to make money with great contracts - book online

Wed 9th Dec,2020

Philippa Constable

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This webinar will take place via Zoom and attendees will be sent the link at least 24 hours in advance.

Most people think of contracts as something so dull that only lawyers can read them.  Who can blame them with Victorian English and Latin terms.

Behind the unnecessary jargon there are real concepts that a growing business needs to understand. A smart contract is also a great business tool. Contracts are a great way to set boundaries.

The old days of doing business on a handshake are gone.  Everything from GDPR to IR35 is requiring written agreements.  But it's not just about compliance.

A great set of terms of business can help your delegates get paid on time, get paid extra for work outside scope, add interest to slow payers at more than the statutory rate, handle copyright, IP and more.

A great associate agreement can make it so much easier to ensure your associate works in a lawful way. It will also help you keep ownership of your clients and materials.

Is it the jargon that makes us think all this is boring?  Big businesses have legal departments, but who helps your delegates?

Annabel Kaye draws on 40 years of being in business - advising and supporting entrepreneurs through the trials and tribulations that come with business growth. She has appeared as a guest expert on BBC Breakfast, BBC News, Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live to name a few!

This talk is tailored to your industry and delegates and will focus on typical issues your audience can face.