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Online Workshop - Leadership Out of Lockdown & Managing Continuous Change - book online

Mon 15th Feb,2021

Cassie Gruitt

01934 835396


10am - 11.30am

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You'll be given the opportunity to talk about your business in our one-minute business introduction round. It's a good idea to plan and prepare this beforehand. Take some time to think about what your message is, and what type of introductions you're looking for. If you're currently looking for a supplier or some help with your business, tell us what you need, as someone in the room may be just the person or business you're are looking for!

It’s been nearly two months of ‘lockdown’ for all but a few. In this time we’ve had to adapt quickly both as individuals and together and change our way of living, working, connecting and communicating. Thoughts are now turning more to the new future, with all the questions and continued uncertainty it brings.

This training webinar will combine the science of human behaviour with practical tools and strategies to confidently and dynamically lead ourselves and others into the year ahead.

You will gain increased insight and understanding of:

  •  The potential effect of your communication and leadership on others
  •  Ways to effectively influence in a world where human interaction and trust has changed.
  •  How to embed resilience thinking into your leadership habits to create surplus capacity beyond just coping and maintain your health and energy levels to be ready for whatever comes next.

Fenella's mission is to support people enhance their levels of resilience and wellbeing, increase their flexibility of thinking and capacity to adapt so they can be more comfortable with change.