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You Thought There Was No Parenting Handbook - There Is Now! - book online

Wed 17th Feb,2021

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-  ‘The 3 Quick Fixes To Great Parenting X3’…

A path of 9 steps that acts as a bridge into a whole new way of parenting, which is robust, appropriate and capable of supporting lasting transformation within 21st Century life and living.  

I’m sure you’ve heard of the sayings ‘Start As You Mean To Go On’ and ‘Prepare To Succeed’ and these statements are never more true - before entering into the world of parenting!

This Parenting Guide is for couples who are deciding to have a baby or have a new baby on the way - allowing you to enter the world of parenting with more Clarity, Confidence and Ease of understanding.

What You Need to Know  Vs  The Fear of the Unknown

And those seasoned parents who want to take their parenting experience to the next level -

Chaos  Vs  Clarity

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New and Unique Parenting Handbook - ready for the Webinar!


I’m Jacqueline Coe, learning and behavioural specialist, Parenting Expert, Author and Speaker and often referred to by clients as a modern day Nanny McPhee!

As the founder of Intelligent Parenting® my work is about empowering parents to be the best that they can be!

As a parenting expert my work has been about researching into what is getting in the way of parents consistently achieving this confident and empowered state. 

I qualified as a Life Coach in 2004 and now after 15 Year of focused research into the many different key areas of family life; human behaviour, relationships, Psychology, Universal Laws, Laws of Nature, Sociology and Philosophy…!  I have done all the hard work for you - so you don’t have to, in understanding the world of parenting and presenting the results of this study through my writing and broadcasts and the structure of ‘How’ through my paid programmes, which has all now culminated in the creation of this new and unique parenting guide…