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Online Business Growth Session - book online

Tue 29th Jun,2021

Niki Matyjasik

07720 887080

£FREE - Members only

1pm - 5pm

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Your home
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You'll be given the opportunity to talk about your business in our one-minute business introduction round. It's a good idea to plan and prepare this beforehand. Take some time to think about what your message is, and what type of introductions you're looking for. If you're currently looking for a supplier or some help with your business, tell us what you need, as someone in the room may be just the person or business you're are looking for!

Spend half a day working ‘on’ your business with a small group of fellow WMB members at this Business Growth Session, hosted by our partners, enACT Masterminding and experience how peer-to-peer coaching and collaborative problem solving can help you take that next step forward in your business.

Facilitated by an experienced enACT Leader, you will identify the most pressing issue in your business right now, and gain valuable input from others to resolve that issue. You will commit to achievable goals and actions that will enable you to drive your business forward following the enACT session, and accountability measures will be agreed on to ensure that you follow through. 

This Business Growth Session, suitable for all business owners is a benefit of WMB membership and can be booked at any stage during your membership.