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Financial Planning: Why It's Important To YOU! (pre recorded webinar) - book online

Wed 25th Aug,2021

Philippa Constable

01934 835396

£Free to members (£30inc vat for non-members)

Meetings commence at 12 noon and finish at 2.00pm.

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This is a pre-recorded webinar that everyone who registers for will recieve the morning of 25th August 2021

What are your plans for the future?

Whether you’ve got a crystal-clear image of the bigger picture or just a few passing thoughts about when you might retire, harnessing those aspirations now is the key to making them real. 

Financial planning is not just for the super-rich or the super-organised - we all have the right to financial wellbeing, to be in control of our lives and secure our family’s future. The way to take control and start shaping that future, is to plan. 

And now is the time to start. Don’t leave it to chance, let personal financial planning fester on your to-do list or wait for life to get less hectic (it probably won’t). The future has a way of creeping up on us, so it’s worth starting the conversation now. Working with a certified financial adviser or planner can help you do just that. 

In this recorded webinar Laura will help you gain a deeper understanding on what financial planning really is and it’s increasing importance for everyone in the world we are living in.

Laura will talk about the difference between a financial planner and a financial adviser, the different kinds of pensions available to you and simple ways for how you can start your financial planning journey.

Laura invites you to ask any questions that you may have around financial planning, how to access the pensions you already have, how to choose the right pension type for you or the benefits of working with a financial planner. Please send your questions to by 9th August.