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How to Create the Perfect Mindset for the Most Successful Year Ever! - book online

Fri 14th Jan,2022

Philippa Constable

01934 835396

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Mindset is everything when running a successful business but so often we can get caught up in repetitive negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs and old stories that keep us from the success we desire and deserve. 

Do you have thoughts along these lines:

  • I can't afford to invest more in my business just yet
  • I'm not qualified to attract certain clients
  • I'm to busy to invest my time in more training, working with a coach or networking

If your internal narrative sounds anything like these examples then this is the workshop for you. Lindsey has worked on her own mindset over the years to create a business that allows her to reach her goals while not sacrificing her evenings and weekends and she will share the key mindset changes that have helped her to stay out of stuck, overwhelm and stress.