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Imposter Syndrome: Dissolving Your Self Doubt - book online

Wed 2nd Mar,2022

Philippa Constable

01934 835396



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Metro Bank
40-46 Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3HB


Do you find yourself saying things like:

*  Who am I to do this’
*  ‘They’re probably think I’m no good’
*  ‘I can’t ask for help, it means I’m stupid’?

Are you often full of self doubt, feelings of anxiety and stress? Do you believe what you achieve is primarily due to luck? Are you a perfectionist, procrastinator or people pleaser?

If this is you then join this interactive, explorative workshop where you will:

*  Explore, examine and even explode the imposter inside you
*  Learn tools and strategies to clear the mind chatter and shift your inner critic
*  Discover how to take charge of your feelings and change your state at any time
*  Work on cultivating solid self belief and self assurance so you can increase your sense of personal power and release energy to shine as your true capable self in business.

​In this workshop we will create a safe, space where you can feel comfortable in sharing personal thoughts and feelings, confidently knowing you will be fully supported and confidentiality will be maintained.

This is an in person workshop and the location will be announced soon.



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