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Colour Psychology! The Secrets to Creating a Brilliant Brand Identity for Your Business - book online

Thu 2nd May,2024

Philippa Constable

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When it comes to branding your business well, how your brand makes people feel is everything. And once you’ve done the work of finding your niche, identifying your ideal clients and working out what truly sets you apart, you need to create an identity that communicates that and helps you stand out from the crowd. That makes people feel all the right things about you, opens doors and magnetises more business.

The truth is this can be really challenging. How do you know, for sure, that the colours and typefaces you have set your heart on are going to create the right impression? How do you go about creating an aesthetic style that captures the ‘essence’ of what you’re all about and pulls all the elements together in a way that’s polished, confident, compelling and cohesive?

The answer is Colour Psychology! This is a game-changing framework that makes everything easier when it comes to creating a brilliant brand style for your business.


In this 45-minute workshop Belinda Furneaux Harris will take you through:

· The foundations and fundamentals of seasonal colour psychology

· Be introduced to the seasonal personalities and what they mean: spring, summer, autumn, winter

· Be shown examples of successful businesses in each season

· The meanings of the colours for each season

· Understand how to work with the seasons in your business


Benefits of learning about Colour Psychology:

· To bring more resonance, focus and cohesion to your brand look and feel

· Improve the way you communicate with clients

· Create a stronger emotional connection with customers

· Understand what fonts, colour, textures, hues, imagery styles and tone of voice will work for your brand

· Understand how to put together cohesive and compelling colour palettes that will tell your brand story in style

· Create a brand identity that you love!


Live Q&A

As part of the workshop, there will be a 15-minute Q&A session and the opportunity to ask Belinda questions about your brand identity and business.


You can connect with Belinda on the following platforms:

Instagram: @belindafurneauxharris 


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