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Your 5 steps to business efficiency - book online

Thu 11th Jul,2024

Yasmin McGlashan


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10am - 11.30am

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Would you like more efficiency in your business?
Did you know that saving just 10 minutes per day means you will save more than 40 hours across a year - that's a whole working week! What would you do with that extra week? Go on holiday? Start a new project? Or just enjoy those extra hours of saved time?
A lot of the time we can feel overwhelmed as business owners and feel like our systems and tech aren't working for us.
You might:
  • be surrounded by note books and scraps of paper.
  • have your contacts in multiple spreadsheets stored in multiple places.
  • have signed up for various apps and programs but don't know how to make the most of them.
Yasmin McGlashan is going to teach you 5 steps to get you on the road to business efficiency.
We'll talk emails, to-do lists, CRM systems, social media scheduling and much more. But most importantly, we'll talk about how to figure out what works for you.
Plus I'll give loads of tips and quick wins to save you time in your working day.
You can view Yasmin's LinkedIn profile here.

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