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The Small Business Accelerator with James White - book online

Wed 5th Jun,2024

Philippa Constable

07871 463701

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10am until 5pm

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Pure Offices
Kestrel court, Harbour Rd, Portishead, Bristol BS20 7AN

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Simply put, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach business, selling, and scaling a business. Through the building and growing of his own small businesses, James’ has adapted 20 years of his own business mistakes and successes and developed a practical method that small business owners can use to achieve a consistent, secure and stable income in their own business. In this workshop, James will delve into the top 6 areas you should be focusing on for accelerated sales success in your business, these are:



Entrepreneurship is hard! Connecting with your personal reasons for taking the plunge and being able to share this journey will not only help connect you with customers who you want to work with, but it will help to keep you going when times get tough. Having a good reason and doing good business is a cornerstone of success. Learn why this is so important and how you can incorporate your reasons why into your business day-to-day.

Within this section we will cover: 

• What is your story and why for your business? What drives and motivates you?

• Why do your prospects buy from you, what issues do you solve for them?

• Reviewing the target that you have set that you want to achieve. 

• What is the sales plan that you are working on to achieve this target? 

• What is the process we use for engaging with potential customers? 

• What tools and resources do you have available to win new business?



Within this section we will cover: 

• Understanding human behaviours

• Emotional Sales Intelligence

• Reading and influencing

• Shaping the sale



Do you truly understand your target customer and the challenges they face? If you don’t, you simply don’t stand a change at being able to convince them that you could solve their problem. In this section we will dig in to understanding customer problems and desires and learn how this knowledge can be used for successful selling. 

Within this section we will cover: 

• Who is the target customer you do business with and what is their persona?



Breaking Down Barriers/Building Rapport No one does business with people they don’t like. Building rapport with your prospect is arguably the most important part of any sales process. Learn techniques to help build initial rapport with your prospects and watch those barriers come down, enabling you to move forward to the next stage of your sales process. 

Within this section we will cover: 

• How do you prospect and start to engage with your target customer effectively? 

• How do we initially engage with prospects and build rapport with them?

• Moving prospects through our sales process through effective questioning? How we build an understanding of who they are and what they need? 

• Assessing and qualifying the prospects we have and learning to say no!



You’ve taken your prospect on quite a journey already through the sales process. Before the next step, it’s important that you summarise and Bridge to your solution. Bridging is a sales technique that will help get your prospect over the line and turn them into a customer. It takes them from their current position to the promised land and gives them hope of a new way forward. 

In this section we will cover: 

• How to ‘bridge’ from where the prospect is now to the solution you offer them.



The great questions you asked earlier in the sales process will be a big help if any objections arise. More often than not, you’ll already have the ammunition to counter any objection your prospect raises. In this section we will demonstrate how to use their answers to overcome objections. We will also teach you how to develop an objection framework which should be used across your organisation. 

In this section we will cover: 

• Handling the most common objections prospects have and feeling comfortable in dealing with these.


Learn more about how James helps his clients to build their sales structures, skills, and knowledge to grow and scale their companies visit his WMB profile here or his website


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