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Understanding and Using Generative AI - book online

Mon 17th Jun,2024

Philippa Constable or Leanne Matthews


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In the next few years, Generative AI is expected to have a dramatic impact on all of our home and work lives; being ready for this change is essential for all business leaders, and all career paths. 

AI in Business is dedicated to upskilling business leaders and enabling organisations in the field of Generative AI. 

Participants will leave this workshop with: 

  • A solid understanding & grounding in Gen AI 

  • Some eye-opening examples that illustrate the impact Gen AI is having and expected to have

  • Ways to strategically plan for Gen AI usage within their organisation

  • Tips on steps they can take today

As well as examples and demos of AI, Luke will share other more strategic topics such as: 

  • Demo: Avatar creation & use 

  • Market, industry and role impact projections

  • Demo: Creating custom chat bots 

  • AI Vs Gen AI - apples and oranges  

  • Demo: Productivity boosters 

  • Advice on how to plan and use Generative AI (strategies and methodologies)

  • Q & A (can include further demos)

Luke Farley is a technology leader, founder and technology builder. He has created three businesses, an implementation agency, a tech startup and a software distribution firm. In the last few years Luke has been Innovation Director in a FinTech and Head of Digital Products in an OH&S firm. Over the years he has led the build of over 350 tools and applications.


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