Keynote Speaker - Paul Harris

“Why Goal Setting is a Waste of Time…”


Many of us spend time setting goals, making plans and creating detailed objectives for our businesses and personal lives. And many people find themselves defeated, disappointed and depressed when the goals that were so carefully prepared simply aren’t achieved.  As 2018 draws to a close and 2019 beckons on the horizon, Paul Harris from Real Success Ltd will explain why goal setting doesn’t work and can be a waste of time.  He will also outline an alternative approach that will ensure you have a much greater chance of success and happiness….

Paul is the founder of Real Success Ltd – a ‘People Consultancy’ that helps businesses to Recruit, Engage, Align and Lead their people.  He has also developed a unique profiling system called ‘VITA Profiling’ that helps individuals and teams to understand their differences and similarities, improving team effectiveness.  He is a respected and sought after speaker and is recognised as a thought leader in people development, human dynamics and authentic success.


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