Membership Pricing Changes


From 1st October 2020, we will be phasing in over the next 12 months a monthly subscription and we're no longer asking for members to pay an annual membership.

We feel this is a more flexible and affordable way for you to pay for your membership, and will help you manage your cashflow during these difficult trading times.  It also helps us too in the long term, because we will be able to spend more time focusing on actively supporting you better by helping you to increase & improve your networking success.  

Recently we launched a new Online Membership on a monthly subscription at £29.50+VAT per month and we feel it would be fairer and easier for everyone to understand if all members PAY THE SAME & RECEIVE THE SAME BENEFITS. 

Those of you that were already on our Monthly Payment Plan will actually be paying less than before, however, our annual members will be paying slightly more (by £29.00 per annum) BUT we feel it is a MUCH FAIRER system all round. 

If you are a PRO member and have already paid for your annual membership, you will continue to pay the monthly meeting fee which is £12.50+VAT per month, and when your renewal is due, we will automatically adjust your monthly DD to £29.50+VAT (£35.40 inc.vat).  When we eventually return to our face to face meetings, we will amend your DD to include the monthly meeting/lunch fee which is £25+VAT (£30 inc.vat). You will be notified BEFORE we make any changes so you have the option to cancel your membership if you wish. 

Here are the new T's & C's for membership  and please do not hesitate to contact Philippa to discuss, if you've any questions at all. 

If you are a community member - then your 2nd membership will also be payable on a monthly subscription, and we are keeping this simple with a 50% discount off the membership price of £29.50+VAT.  You will be notified of the changes when you next renewal is due. 

If you have been a member with Women Mean Biz for over 5 years, you will receive a 10% discount on your monthly subscription.
If you have been a member with Women Mean Biz for over 10 years, you will receive a 20% discount on your monthly subscription.
We really appreciate LOYALTY TO OUR COMMUNITY!  

ONLINE PRO MEMBERS - Nothing has changed for you as our new pricing only affects ULTIMATE/PRO/START-UP Members although you will be eligible for the loyalty reward scheme in the future!


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