One 2 One Structure


These key questions are designed to help you maximise and make your 1-2-1 meeting effective. Listen, make notes and explore how you can really help support each other.  If you are looking for introductoins, referrals and to attract more business, this will help the person you are having a 1-2-1 with understand better the people and businesses you are looking to work with.

Allow some time to also build rapport and get to know each other properly. Building good strong, solid long term relationships is what you're looking for, and gaining mutual trust with one another. Lets be honest, you are not going to refer someone who you don't like or trust!

Aim to allow minimum ½ hour to 1 hour each, and keep an eye on the time so it is fairly split. 

1. Tell me about your vision and goals for your company?

2. What are your accomplishments with them, so far?

3. What makes you different (your USP), from your competitors?

4.  Describe 3 of your best clients, and explain why.

5.  What phrases do I listen for on your behalf to find you an introduction?

6.  What is not a good introduction for you?

7. What is your biggest challenge, right now, in your business?

8.  What can I do for you in the next 24 hours?

Make notes, and detail action to be taken.

FOLLOW UP is key.  Allow some time following a 1-2-1 to follow through what you agreed to do for each other.


Good luck


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