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We work in partnership with organisations who want to reduce & prevent mental ill-health and create an environment where people thrive and contribute the best of themselves so the business thrives by default.

A bit about me...

Did you know that the annual cost to employers of work-related stress is between £33 and £42 billion? And did you know that only 40% of this cost is represented in sickness absence? The rest is represented in presenteeism (where people still show up to work, but fail to be productive).

Whilst mental ill-health is caused by a wide range of factors, the prevalence of it in employees and the impact on organisations, makes it a key issue for employers.

Awareness of mental health at work is increasing and organisations are beginning to recognise the risk to the welfare of their people and, in effect, the sustainability of their business, if they do not take proactive steps to improve awareness, skills and working conditions.

We work in partnership with organisations who want to reduce & prevent mental ill-health and create an environment where people thrive and contribute the best of themselves so the business thrives by default.

We provide strategic support and deliver awareness and management programmes, to inspire a culture of well-being and to mitigate mental health risk.

Our facilitators qualified and experienced mental health specialists who treat individuals suffering with a wide range of mental health issues every day. In addition to the generic content provided by other training providers, our programmes incorporate the most up to date neuroscientific information available, and equip people to manage their own mental health, so that they can contribute best version of themselves in their life and work.

By raising awareness of mental health conditions and removing stigma, by teaching managers how to spot the signs of mental ill-health and by giving them the confidence to have a conversation, you can create sustainable changes that protect the mental well-being of your people, enabling them to thrive and your organisation to thrive by default.


"We engaged Mental Health In The Workplace Ltd to deliver Mental Health Awareness training for our managers at Green Energy Switch, as we had identified that stress levels were increasing and suspected that our team were experiencing a greater sense of pressure than we were comfortable with. We wanted to ensure that we were promoting a positive environment for all our people as we have some significant goals for 2019. The training was exceptional. It gave us a really good understanding of mental health in general and enabled some really positive open discussion that we felt helped reduce the stigma that many of us have developed over time, but more significantly, the training around how the human brain works and how stress is created and why , and what we can do as managers to reduce stress in our team was enlightening. Since the training, we have implemented a new approach to mental health and wellbeing in the organisation and are already seeing improvements in motivation and productivity in the team. We would highly recommend Mental Health In The Workplace Ltd as their training is not just informative, but also enables a change in mindset and behaviour, from the offset. "

Recommended by Maxine Palmer, General Manager, Green Energy Switch

"At Catalyst Care Group, our differentiator has always been our unique culture which is based on our three values of FAMILY, HONESTY and QUALITY. As part of our commitment to providing a great place for all to work and enabling our people to contribute the best of themselves in their life and work, we made a strategic decision in 2018 to increase our focus on people wellness and brought Mental Health In The Workplace Ltd in to do some Mental Health Awareness Training with us and to help us to create a strategic plan. Over one day, our senior management team came together to learn about mental health conditions, how they impact and who they affect. We deepened our relationships with each other through sharing personal experiences and we learnt information about the brain, neuroscience and ways of improving our own mental health and that of our people, that as mental health experts ourselves, we didn’t already know. This workshop content was current, the facilitation approach was engaging and the impact of the day on our business was quite extraordinary. We left with a strategic plan, the creation of which was guided by the content shared in the workshop and which was so simple to implement, that within the first quarter, productivity increased significantly, the backlog of work reduced considerably and we reported zero unplanned absence and a 20% increase in revenue. The concepts of DOSE and the 3 P’s of Positivity have become part of our management approach and everyday language and not just in our work environment, but at home for many of us too! We have now taken the decision to provide similar training to our entire workforce and to include this workshop as part of our ongoing development programmes. If you are an organisation who is genuinely concerned about people wellbeing and see’s value in providing a positive environment where people thrive and mental health risk is mitigated, I highly recommend Mental Health In The Workplace Ltd. "

Recommended by Trevor Mapondera, CEO, Catalyst Care Group Ltd

"Feeling refreshed and a new outlook on how to think alternatively when feeling negative."

Recommended by Dale Vickery, Nurseline Healthcare

"I learnt a lot and also refreshed a lot of knowledge at the same time. I would recommend this course."

Recommended by Ellie Warren, Leaf Complex Care

"AA broad level of knowledge delivered in an easy to engage with way."

Recommended by Ali Hollands, Inspired To Change

"We worked on my overall business model and made some very fast progress Tamsen is a very smart and switched on coach. I work quickly and I get frustrated when coaches can’t keep up with me or want to slow me down. Tamsen understands what works best for each individual and then how to apply that to the problem at hand. We worked on my overall business model and made some very fast progress and flagged some actions to be made with immediate effect. She has a bright, energetic personality too so the sessions are always fun! I would highly recommend her work!"

Recommended by Karen Hardie Brand Strategist, Ugly Duckling Communications

"Since working with Tamsen, everything has changed and improved. No longer am I being told that my prices are too expensive and in fact, I’m selling packages that are earning me MORE money. If you’re not making the progress you want in your business, if you are struggling to talk about it and don’t know where you want your business to go then work with Tamsen! You will receive expert guidance, creative thinking and powerful insight that will help you to take the steps you need to have a successful business. It is only me in my business and I just didn’t have the knowledge of what to do or how to do it on my own and you don’t have to either – that is what Tamsen is for! She made this work exciting and rewarding and I now have a mentor who I will continue to work with in the future, I know that there is more that she can help me with! "

Recommended by Carol Seaborne, enLITEned Weightloss

"It brought both clarity and focus to my personal vision and values I have found Tamsen so good to work with. Through a series of 1-2-1 sessions and exercises she has helped me take a fresh look at my role in the business as it moves forward, and to bring both clarity and focus to my personal vision and values. She is perceptive, genuine and positive – doing things in a way that is empathetic and motivational in equal measure."

Recommended by Tony Grady Design Director, Robson Dowry

"If you are looking for a business coach and you are serious about growing your business, then I would not hesitate to recommend Tamsen At the time I met Tamsen, I was very clear on my vision for my business, and had ‘dream’ goals, but lacked the master plan that was going to really give me the traction to move my business forward and nearer to my goals. Tamsen has been working with me for the last 6 months, and has helped me to map out the plan for my business and I can really see a big difference already. Her experience and expertise in operations and team training has been invaluable, and she has helped to shape the structure for the business. As well, Tamsen is a joy to work with and has a very hands on approach. I have worked with many coaches, and know that Tamsen was the one who made ALL the difference in my business growth and direction. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I plan to continue to work with Tamsen on-going, and see her as an integral part of my team. If you are looking for a business coach and you are serious about growing your business, then I would not hesitate to recommend Tamsen."

Recommended by Phillippa Constable, We Mean Biz

"Before I met Tamsen I was overwhelmed by my ideas and the way my brain had butterfly tendencies. I flitted from one thought to the other with no clear plan of how to bring it all together. I started my relationship with Tamsen via one of her VMA Strategy Sessions and left with an amazing new plan which brought all my ideas together into a clear strategy. Since this day I have had monthly coaching calls and after each call I feel un-stuck and re-invigorated. Tamsen has a talent which gets right to the core of the issue, un-tangles it and sets your ideas free. What I REALLY love is that Tamsen has many strengths and while she has a wealth of business expertise, she also has a first class coaching skills. She looks at the person behind the business (you) and ensures everything is in alignment to ensure success. Quite simply, when you work with Tamsen, magic happens. The last call I had with Tamsen is going to be worth so much to my business as together we created a framework which pulls everything I believe in and teach together into a simple program. I don’t think I would have ever have developed the program without her but every time I think about it, and what the future holds, I get butterflies in my stomach (not my brain) which is an amazing feeling. I think for me, I have many ideas on how to grow the business so what I needed was someone who can see through all the chaos, pull it together into a plan and support me along the way. Tamsen delivers every step of the way. I feel safe knowing that Tamsen is behind me on this exciting journey and feel proud to be working with her. Thanks for everything Tamsen – you are a superstar "

Recommended by Victoria Casebourne, The Keepsake Company

"Tamsen is passionate about helping you align your vision with positive action. She will help you identify the areas where you are not in alignment and help you to overcome them. She will then create a plan to help you move towards your goals and support you through the process. I was lacking connection and I felt as though I was working hard but not getting anywhere. I wanted to align my vision and my purpose with positive actions which would help me to move forwards with confidence. I was attracted to Tamsens’ energy (but also overwhelmed by it!) but I wanted some of what she had and so I made the call! During my initial call with Tamsen, I was very grateful that she told me that she couldn’t help me until I had moved through an emotional block. Once we started working together she listened to what I needed and offered me a suggestion of how she could help and then gave me a structured process to follow. The key things that worked for me were her listening and perception skills and then giving me a structure. I enjoyed Tamsens’ clarity offered with a deep kindness. In particular she gave me an exercise to focus on my vision, to identify my ideal client and my marketing messages and to come up with a strapline and elevator pitch. I am now clearer about my vision and I have made goals for 2016 with steps as to how I can achieve them. I have been able to utilise the marketing questions in my website content and I have developed a clear one minute message to share at networking meetings. I feel much more in alignment!"

Recommended by Rosie Withey, Horses As Teachers

"I was first introduced to Tamsen by a mutual contact who said we would get along great! He wasn’t wrong. I initially read her book on holiday and since then I have been inspired, cajoled, motivated, supported, driven, helped, directed, picked up, dusted off and pointed in the right direction again by the truly amazing Tamsen. Her value is incredible. I run a small company with my husband and whereas he is all things technical I deal with everything else – so I wear many hats. Some well (Customer Service & operations) and some not so well! (Sales, Marketing and Financial). Tamsen has helped me incredibly – she has really “got to know” my business, my team, my clients my values and has helped me shape and drive the business to a more solid and rounded entity. We have worked on a one to one basis where we discuss current issues and then address how best to move forward, however always keeping an eye on the vision and goals to ensure we are headed in the right direction. Tamsen is not scared to get her hands dirty (she does ! not just hot air and talk!) ! She has re-written my poor attempts at mailshots and communications, she has re-designed my powerpoint slides and new staff appraisal forms to a much higher standard. Tamsens perspective on sometimes complex issues is fantastic – she can see the wood for the trees. I have huge respect for Tamsens business acumen and she has helped me and my company to develop and improve hugely and has introduced me to the world of collaboration. Tamsen has been a key figure on moving my role from one of operations to one of strategic leadership and this has been a huge leap for me. One that I now relish. Even recently Tamsen has introduced me to a key company that could help my vision become a reality and all this is done in such a kind, calm, thoughtful, timely and caring approach. I already recognise that my time with Tamsen has played a key role in my future and that of my business but on a personal level she is a mentor that I hugely rate and respect when I have met many that I would not give credit to ! She is the REAL DEAL and a joy to work with."

Recommended by Annabelle Webster, South East Timber and Damp

"I met Tamsen networking and connected with her as I loved her style, approach & confidence. I knew I had so much more I could offer in my business and I was not sure about how to take the next steps. I approached Tamsen as I wanted to work with someone who quite clearly walked the talk. I had a VMA session with Tamsen in June 2016 which has since proved to be the best money I have spent in my business. That session enabled me to create my vision for myself and my business and to align my mindset with it, so that I was able to pursue it without obstacles. It gave me the focus and the momentum to excel and to move towards my goals quickly and my business has quadrupled as a result. As a result of my initial progress, I made the key decision at the end of 2016 to work with Tamsen as my business coach for the first half of 2017. Again, just 4 months down the line and my business is just about to record its best month EVER. I have Tamsen to thank for her help, support, guidance, encouragement, understanding and empathy which have enabled me to achieve these results in my business. For any business owner wanting to take their business to the next level, VMA is a must as it allows the space, time & energy to decide what you want to achieve and through Tamsens’ wealth of knowledge and experience doing this work with many businesses, she holds the space superbly and delivers the outcome (a vision that motivates you to take action) you need to move forwards with confidence. If you are considering working with a business coach, I would say, Tamsen is awesome. I feel she really gets to understand her clients and holds the space perfectly, allowing you to express what needs to be said. She has the skills, experience and tools to provide the right next steps for your business and because she walks the talk too, she instils real confidence that you can and will move forward in your business. It’s a no brainer to work with Tamsen if you are serious about taking your business to the next level & beyond."

Recommended by Niki Matyjasik, Business Buddy

"Before engaging Tamsen Garrie of Alpha Associates, we had a lot of talented individuals working in silos. Previous approaches to improving team-work had resulted in a feel good factor, but our growth goals were making it more important than ever to demonstrate value so that significant changes followed through into the workplace and impacted on the bottom line. I was introduced to Tamsen and was inspired by her profoundly audacious and novel perspective on developing a high-performance team and organisational culture. Tamsen facilitated workshops for the team where together, we developed a collective shared vision and values that supported that vision. The process included encouraging team members to identify their own individual vision and purpose and goals and roles, based on their strengths. Individual team members also completed a process that identified their behavioural style, which resulted in personal revelations about what was important, valuable and challenging for them when working as part of a team. This was then used as a way of addressing the fundamental issues around conflict in teams and how to improve team collaboration, which gave us a framework and a common language for pre-empting and resolving that conflict. After three months, we saw deeper and more personal connectedness in the team, improved communication and a greater willingness to approach each other for help and to support, enhanced openness and preparedness to reveal when they felt challenged or had made a mistake, confident that they would be supported rather than penalised, significant improvement in collaborative working, increased energy and positivity about their work and a long-term perspective on their future with the team and the company. Productivity increased significantly, the backlog of work reduced considerably and we reported ZERO unplanned absence and a 20% increase in revenue after the first quarter. Since then, we have doubled our turnover in two consecutive years and we’ve seen a transformation to becoming a high performance culture. We’ve also had a lot of fun along the way, celebrating our success! Most impressive of Tamsens’ approach is the utilisation of the shared collective vision, values-driven behaviour and the enabling of sustainability of extraordinary results. Tamsen delivers a myriad of custom programmes designed to maximise levels of engagement with every client, regardless of size and scope. Her process is challenging, illuminating, provocative and an undeniable prescription for breakthrough performance. Two years on and Tamsen has become a trusted colleague within our business and I cannot recommend her and her work highly enough."

Recommended by Trevor Mapondera, Nurseline Healthcare

"Tamsen and I have been business contacts since 2012 and I have always been impressed by both her business experience and her energy. In early 2014 we identified that we had a significant opportunity for growth at Elation but I knew that without the right decision making and the right buy in from the team I would not achieve my goals. I thought immediately of bringing Tamsen on board to help. Since that time Tamsen has run several sessions in the business and we have worked on a 1-2-1 basis to firm up my personal vision for the business. Tamsen has worked with the team to help them align themselves to my vision and ensure that they are driving the business forward with passion and she has also facilitated some great senior planning meetings. Everyone in the business agrees that when Tamsen comes along things get done and each session has resulted in a leap forward. The size and profitability of my business has doubled since working with Tamsen and she is without doubt a part of our long term plans. If being the best you can possibly be is important to you – ring Tamsen!"

Recommended by Karen Dunne Squire, Elation Sales


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