Greg Cooper

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Front of Mind Coaching

Internationally recognised LinkedIn Coach and Trainer, and an award winning marketer. Works with small and medium-sized businesses to help them use Linkedin much more effectively to find.

A bit about me...

My first business was a fruit and veg round with some flat-mates. We had the robin hood like idea of selling at top price in wealthy areas then at close to cost price to poorer households.What we found was the better off customers were reluctant to pay higher prices but the poorer customers didn't worry about the price. What I learnt from this business was the importance of (a) quality and (b) great customer service. 

Subsequently, I have had five businesses, some award winning and one spectacular failure - a software dealership.My last business was a tech marketing agency where our customers were top IT companies like IBM, Microsoft and SAP. I sold this in 2011.

Today I focus on LinkedIn and my customers are small and medium-sized businesses. After many years working with large international clients I love working with smaller businesses with an amazing variety of products and services.

I am married with two grown up daughters. I live in Redland, Bristol. I am an average but enthusiastic tennis player. One of my hidden skills is Mongolian overtone chanting, which I learnt from Jill Purce.