Vicki Gray

online Member - BRISTOL

Blumango Creative

I help businesses to evolve their brand, to create a more professional image so they can start attracting the right clients.

A bit about me...

Blumango Creative was set up 21 years ago. I work independently, yet with a virtual team of specialists, who have a diverse range of technical and creative skills and a varied and extensive portfolio.


I use a range of exciting, unique processes to really understand a company's brand. By using branding cards, a branding matrix and branding boards, I delve deep into a company and the qualities of the business before starting any design work.


By working at a deeper level, I create a more professional image so that businesses can attract the right clients. Once we have these processes in place the design work becomes much clearer. I use these insights to develop logo designs, digital brochures, websites and graphical elements for social media. 


When a brand truly reflects you, your ideal clients will engage with it from the very first moment. It’s the first adventurous step towards a loyal brand following.



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