Louise Bashall


The Body Compass

I work with people with myriad of problems, balance, dizziness and concussion, as well as back, neck, feet or shoulder problems.

A bit about me...

I've been a Chiropractor for 22 years, and over that time, I've learnt many different styles and techniques. Having a variety of skills enables me to tailor my work to each individual and their specific needs and preferences. I'm one of a handful of Chiropractors in this country to be qualified in Functional Neurology, and one of 2 clinics that incorporate state of the art technology to measure balance, eye tracking and neuro-cognitive function.

I've always been drawn to the outdoors, so you can sign me up to pretty much anything that gets me out. Walking, sailing and sea kayaking are all favourite pursuits. In more recent years I've discovered the joy of running, completing the Paris Marathon in 2018 to fundraise for Duchenne UK. When time permits, I head off in a sea kayak. The last trip was for a couple of weeks with my son in the Stockholm Archipelago – a special time with my son Joe in one of the world's most beautiful places!

My other great loves are food and cooking, which links nicely to our beautiful allotment at the City Farm – a place of great contemplation and much reward. Good food is a source of nourishment on so many levels and is central to the time I spend with my partner, friends and family.
My early working years were in 3D Design, principally in ceramics, and when time permits (or we run out of mugs) I can be found over in the Black Mountains making mugs, bowls, plates and teapots. There is still a joy to be found in the immersive experience of sitting at a potters wheel and creating, decorating and firing pots. No matter how many times I have done it, unpacking a glaze firing is always a magical experience. I often think that the understanding that I gleaned from those early years about how things work and look in 3D have stood me in good stead for my Chiropractic career.






"I have a ten year history of Menieres disease, a condition which has caused severe unilateral deafness and has lately affected my balance. At 85, I was unsure how much change I could make, but Lou suggested some simple exercises, such as massaging my foot on a spiked plastic ball. This has noticeably improved my balance and I'm most grateful to Lou for her encouragement and support."

Recommended by Pauline Patterson

"I’m a reasonably mobile 93 year old, in quite good health but requiring the help of a walker for any increase of walking. I’d been experiencing difficulties rising unaided from a sitting to a standing position, resulting in weakness in my core and thigh strength. On the advice of Lou Bashall, I have successfully employed range of simple exercises, which I am able to activate from my chair. I can now successfully stand up unaided from sitting, for which I am most grateful to Lou for her care, advice and encouragement."

Recommended by Ron Patterson

"I was diagnosed with Cerebellar Ataxia which means that I had difficulty in balance, co-ordination and movement. Lou was recommended to me as one of her specialities is balance. The first time that Lou and I met we spent the time together understanding where I was with my balance and coordination. Louise quickly identified exercises that I should do on a daily basis and throughout our time together these have evolved and changed. There have been times when I have let the exercises drop and I notice that there is a deterioration in my balance and confidence. Through trial and error, I have discovered that after a period of not doing the exercises, if I start them again, then my balance and confidence return which makes them a very powerful tool. Throughout the time with Lou I have kept a diary and the following are one or two of my entries that illustrate the improvements I’ve noticed: In order to remain mobile, I still go for a run on a regular basis and have observed that I am able to run down a single track on the edge of a corn field with-out keep toppling off the path. My running shorts have a zip back pocket to keep a key in. I am now able to reach back and unzip the pocket, put a key in it and zip it up again. Previously I had to take the shorts off to access the pocket. Buttons, I’m able to do up the buttons on a shirt once ironed and lying flat on the ironing board. Also, I’m able to do up the buttons of the shirt once its on. With my exercises, as devised by Lou, I have a tool that enables me to ground my balance and enables me to be proactive and to continue as I am."

Recommended by Angus Robertson

"Thank you, Lou, I greatly appreciate your kind and reassuring approach, you always make me feel I'm in very safe hands. I am always completely impressed with the depth of knowledge and passion you so obviously have for your subject and the results are self evident. Looking forward to my next visit."

Recommended by Jess Waring

"After seeing the difference Dr Bashall had made in a very short period of time with a friend who had been suffering for months with a balance disorder I felt I should contact Dr B because of the stiffness in my neck and shoulders and tingling fingers from excessive use on the laptop. Dr B’s approach was professional, reassuring and very effective from our first meeting. I couldn’t believe how the minor adjustments made in one session could have such an immediate effect not just on my body but more importantly my mind too. Dr B’s wealth of experience and passion of both these disciplines is so evident, which is why I confidently would recommend her to anyone. She doesn’t just fix your back , she fixes your mind too! A massive thank you for your ongoing support and advice . "

Recommended by Mano Basu

"Having suffered a slipped disc some years ago my previous treatment was beginning to feel like little more than a sticking plaster to provide short-term relief from my ongoing symptoms. Lou's approach gave me a real sense of progress as she began to unpack the root causes and helped me gain an understanding of what was going on. Drawing upon her great knowledge and love of her specialism the sessions are always both positive and informative with appropriate exercises being offered and demonstrated where necessary. My sense of mobility and well-being have been greatly enhanced and I would not hesitate to recommend Lou's excellent services."

Recommended by Andy Gray

"Lou works with our 6 year old son who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I don’t think she’d heard of the condition before - it’s a rare disease - but we were so comforted by her research and willingness to learn in order to help Felix in the most effective way. Lou drives 40 minutes to treat him which is incredible testimony to her commitment to his health. She is astutely intuitive and picks up on where tension needs releasing and while he can’t express exactly how he feels, he will say ‘I need a Lou day’ when he’s in discomfort. Lou has also raised money running the Paris marathon and is volunteering as a chiropractor on our annual 8 day fundraising cycle ride to help find a cure for Duchenne. We feel very fortunate to be in her care and compassionate."

Recommended by – Robyn Pete, Alasdair Robertson (parents of Felix)

"When Lou first came to me I couldn’t move my feet due to chronic arthiritis, they just wouldn’t move. After one treatment it felt like I was walking on air. Even though I have to do the in between work, that’s what it feels like after every treatment. "

Recommended by Bobbie Seymour, 80

"I have been seeing Lou for over 10 years, since she was recommended to me when I was pregnant with my twins. Louise treated me for hip problems during my pregnancy; for colic and acid reflux problems in my babies after they were born; for back, neck, knee and shoulder issues I have had from time to time over the years and for a broad range of issue with my children. Her holistic approach is rare in my experience, and she will always take the time to do a comprehensive review rather than focusing on one trouble spot. I have now moved abroad and unfortunately can’t find a practitioner anywhere close to her level of expertise or with such good results, so I still fly to Bristol periodically for sessions with her. I have recommended Louise to more people than I can count and the very fact that every single one of them continues to be treated by her, with remarkable results, is testament to her outstanding skills. "

Recommended by Alix Wiseman

"Lou has a refreshing approach to resorting balance and alignment to the body using proprioception and cognition. I've noticed a drastic change in my balance, improvements in coordination and awareness to body feedback. Lou has a great approach to make appointments active and educational. Her sessions continue to make positive impacts on my sports performance! "

Recommended by Kevin Simmons

"Lou Bashall is more than a Chiropractor. To my friends I refer to Lou as ‘the wizard’, either that or "the best Chiropractor in the world”. Lou has been looking after my battered body for the last three years. 27 years of expeditioning including 14 years of Polar travel to the North South Poles, a broken neck, and a broken back have left a legacy on my body. I so wish I had met Lou many years earlier. Even today I’m not sure how she manages to keep me upright. Each time I walk away from her front door, she makes me more stable and more robust, so that I can carry on as I have been for the last few decades, Whatever she does it works. The best investment I have ever made in my body, ever."

Recommended by Martin Hartley, Expedition Photographer

"I first met Lou 21 years ago when she treated my newborn son who had endured a very difficult delivery into the world. The first appointment made a phenomenal difference and only one further session was required to change our distressed baby into a settled happy little chap. I have long term back issues which she has helped to manage throughout 3 further pregnancies and more recent treatment which has enabled me to pursue my love of running and cycling. Lou has a scientific approach to her work but also an instinctive knack of getting to the crux of any problems, it’s a winning combination and I regularly recommend her to friends."

Recommended by Caroline Craton

"Since I have been seeing Lou, I have not only been able to heal and strengthen my initial injury but my health in general has improved. I originally went to her with a torn muscle in my calf - she helped me with that but also drew attention to the underlying issues (some of which, like my lower back pain, I have struggled with for over 20 years) Since seeing Lou, my energy and overall physical wellbeing has improved considerably. In one session, she is able to bring one into balance but also give constructive exercises to shift both mental and physical patterns and encourage movement and wellbeing. I now consider my visits to her as important as a regular check up with the doctor or dentist. She also has a great sense of humour and positive attitude that is infectious."

Recommended by Kate Dimbleby

"Our son has been seeing Lou since early September, originally seeking her help and advice about neuro developmental delays. Our son struggles academically, with his anger/behaviour at home and in particular with daily anxieties. Lou’s calm temperament engaged him from his first visit and now asks to see her when he feels tense and stressed. We always leave with a relaxed happy boy and can without doubt see the difference in his behaviour and ability to be calm. Thank you Lou for helping our little man. "

Recommended by Annie & Lewis Moody