Caroline Smith McLean

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Caroline Smith McLean

As a previous anxiety sufferer I know what it’s like to feel sick, panicky and unsafe all the time. After hypnotherapy helped me to feel better, I retrained and now help others! I also do Mindset Coaching helping you to manifest a Life you LOVE!

A bit about me...

As a busy Mum of two beautiful boys (one with additional needs) when they were just little life came to a bit of a halt when I suffered from a breakdown, without going into too much detail I felt very unwell and experienced many of the symptoms of anxiety and depression but I found hypnotherapy and got myself back to a better place...then I started to recommend it to others, I noticed that most of the people also had positive results, I definitely had a firm belief in it.

I’ve always had some spiritual beliefs but after beginning to feel better I learned about manifestation and started using it in my life….things gradually got better and better, things started falling into my life in strange ways with funny ‘coincidences’ (There’s no such thing as coincidences! )

I thought back and suddenly realised I had always done this without even knowing - but I’d had mixed results because of not realising I was creating my reality!

Since then I have had what can only be described as a deeper spiritual awakening and now I LOVE helping others to change their lives using conscious manifestation.

Life is VERY different, even unrecognisable in many ways!



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