Speaker Guidelines

Raise your profile, share your expertise and inspire others!  

What WMB are looking for 
There is an opportunity to speak for 15 minutes at WMB online networking meetings or 20 minutes at in person meetings about a business topic that will: educate, motivate, inspire, enlighten, empower, create, support & generate new ideas.  We are looking for real takeaways, up to the minute content & a talk where our members are furiously making notes and are totally engaged!
Your talk should tick one or more from this list:
Practical Information that will help their business in terms of organisation or growth
Personal & Professional self development
New inspiring ideas (products or services) that would be useful for business
Leadership & Management Skills
Sales & Marketing ideas 
Financial help & guidance 
An inspirational story to tell with a powerful message
Interested? - What you need to do now
1. Email WMB HQ with a request to speak, together with details for your talk. We need a ‘catchy title’ and a couple of sentences outlining the content and key message.  Please include which groups you would like to visit as a speaker and which network (if you have a preference).
2. Write a blog post on your talk and submit to the WMB website/s. We will share this blog post to raise your visibility as a speaker for WMB.
3. We shall reserve your speaking slots for 7 days.
4. You MUST BOOK into the meetings you are booked to speak WITHIN 7days to secure your speaking slot. If you do not, we will release the date to another speaker.
5. CHARGES:  Speakers pay £18 (inc. VAT) via Go cardless at the point of booking for in person meetings. This is to cover the lunch you will receive. Speaking at online meetings is free of charge.
6. CANCELLATION: If you can no longer attend as a speaker, please email HQ immediately with as much notice as possible. There is NO REFUND and you may be asked to find a suitable and HQ approved replacement speaker to fill your slot if you cancel at short notice.
7. THIS IS A COMMITMENT. If you have any doubt about your availabiity, do not book a slot please! 
8. This is NOT a sales pitch – the purpose of the keynote slot is to provide members and guests at the meeting information that is beneficial to their business rather than simply telling them why they should use you for a particular service. By all means advise them how they can  get in touch to discuss things further with you after the meeting should they wish, however, please do not spend 15/20 minutes telling them about you and your services. If you are a member we advise that you use your members slot to do this.

On the day
For In Person meetings please arrive by 11.45am to meet the leadership team and get set up before members and guests arrive. Our meetings finish at 2pm. For online meetings please arrive at 10.50am, this will give you time to speak with the leader and test your presentation via “share screen” if necessary. Online meetings finish at 11.30am.
Your talk is STRICTLY 15/20 minutes to include Q&A.  Please keep to the timings as we have a very tight schedule we run to.   
You can promote your business, mention a special offer, products, or latest book, at the very end of your talk.  Please respect that our members are NOT to be sold to. 



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