We invite you to come as a guest first of all, to see if you want to join our networking group. This way you get to meet our members and experience first hand our style and format.

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Tue 7th Jan,2025

Philippa Constable (Group Leader)

07871 463701


10am - 11.30am

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We are excited to bring together We Mean Biz and Women Mean Biz for this special OPEN Day networking online meeting!

If you’re looking to join an online networking community with a lot of soul AND you want to grow your business through meaningful business relationships and collaboration, our WMB ONLINE networking group could be for you!

We are proud to offer a combination of networking opportunities, and our online community is a very special & unique space. Members with Women Mean Biz can attend any of our meetings online every month and reap the rewards of connecting with like-minded business owners with a similar purpose and mindset. We are now offering this opportunity to our We Mean Biz community so you can benefit from the special relationship with have within WMB as a whole. 

What are the unique benefits for networking online?

There are many reasons why some people choose to network online, and here are the main benefits that our members enjoy.

• It’s very convenient being able to network in the comfort of your own home or office. 

• Short on time? Perfect for those of us who need to be time efficient.

• More affordable than in-person networking, so it suits people who have financial restrictions. 

• You can connect with more people + expand your reach geographically.

• In WMB, it’s a safe space & certainly less intimidating than face-to-face networking, making it more accessible for anyone who is introverted, or struggles with large groups of people.

• A fantastic way to dip your toe into networking, before taking the plunge with in-person meetings

What to expect?

One of our members recently told us that what they love the most about our meetings is the wonderful energy our Leaders have, and how you feel truly valued, regardless of whether you are a long-term member or simply coming along as a visitor.

Our online networking meetings are engaging and productive, with expert talks, a one-minute round where everyone shares a little about what they do, a 10 minute 121 with another attendee in a break out rooms and more. If you’re looking to make new connections with the potential for collaboration then this is the place to be for businesses across the UK who embrace online opportunities, wherever they happen to be! .

Our WMB Online community would love to get to know you and your business. 

We love to welcome non-members to our online networking meetings and warmly invite you to dip your toe in, and you can attend this meeting for FREE. This opportunity will give you a real feel for how you can benefit from being a member. 

We look forward to meeting you ONLINE! 



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