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Selling Service

I support your sales and marketing by putting you and your business into words. I craft blogs, posts, website copy, articles and any other writing you might need.

A bit about me...

Selling Service is 10 years old in 2024. My main activity is writing business content of all sorts. I dodge the word "copywriter" as I do a lot more than that. Blogs, posts, case studies, website content, articles, and anything else that involves stringing words in a row.

I start from helping you build a content strategy that can extend into supporting your sales and marketing goals as well.

I support you with getting your LinkedIn profile and business pages working effectively for you. It's not hard and it's not expensive, contrary to might you may have heard.

I also write in the music world for several online and print magazines, reviewing, writing features and also as Books Editor for Americana UK.

I have lived in Clevedon for over 30 years. After several hundred years working for a couple of large family firms, I found myself in a huge corporate nightmare, at which time I decided to run away and do some real work. If you'd told 20 year old me that I would write for a living and have an online CD shop on the Discogs platform (Selling Songs - Everything good, jazz, rock, blues, folk soul and funk, but no NOW Cds) he'd have been pretty happy...


My blogs

10 years solo, but not alone.

by Tim Martin on 22nd May 2024

I’ve been looking around for stats about business lifespans in the UK. According to the FSB it seems that there are 3.1 million sole traders, out of a total of 5.6 million small businesses. After a bit more rummaging around the...

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A bit more about me

What's the most enjoyable thing about your work?
The great people I get to work with and the variety of businesses. No two days the same

What is your vision for your business?
To make a difference every day.

If you could give one single piece of advice to a new start up business, what would it be?
Go networking and stick with it.

Which business person or company do you admire most and why?
Robert Fripp's Discipline Global Mobile (DGM). The best example of a truly ethical company I've seen.

What was your first ever job?
Working for my Dad selling valve radios, wind up gramophones and 78rpm records


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